Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ed hardy clothing-uniqueness

Idiot population a way to express their Ed Hardy clothing-"uniqueness" to the world while giving the rest of us something to point at and laugh about (well "white people" at least, but I suspect it's possible for persons of any race, creed or color to find the Technicolor vomit of Ed Hardy clothing absolutely insufferable). Now there are some new kids on the fashion block and they want to do for trust fund hipsters what Ed Hardy did for Jon Gosselin and the cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore."

Yes indeed, the Grammy award-winning Kings of Leon pop group are coming out with a new line of expensive prefab hipster togs which will be for sale in just one store on London's trendy King's Road. Starting this month, if you are so inclined, you can spend your parents' hard-earned dough on a dozen overpriced items of the “S2A x KOL” collection, to be sold exclusively at The Shop at Bluebird. Items of apparel fashioned after the ones worn by the musical Followill family include plaid shirts, stovepipe jeans, belts, jewelery, guitar straps and, of course, black Fedoras.

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